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the old Vti-s =) Empty the old Vti-s =)

Post by mattyvtis on Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:41 am

Hi all... remember me lol yeah course ya do :p ! wasnt around much this year at shows etc i think i only did 2 or 3 !!! but we all know the car =) incase i dont have any of you on faceyB then heres a lil selection of the pics from my FC shoot =)

peace out all. hopefully see you all next year/show season with the civic looking a bit different and as always on the deck Wink

Matty x x x

the old Vti-s =) 6390528255_487bb29b74_b

the old Vti-s =) 6390534275_ac626bc048_b

the old Vti-s =) 6390540021_d5f6ff2008_b

the old Vti-s =) 6390544669_f2d011925a_b

the old Vti-s =) 6390551919_4c8d2c454f_b

the old Vti-s =) 6390559797_1c6914661c_b

the old Vti-s =) 6390566615_5df2364637_b

the old Vti-s =) 6390570137_b28ebfcdaf_b

the old Vti-s =) 6390573745_aa9ecbc673_b

the old Vti-s =) 6390580765_847a51eb71_b

the old Vti-s =) 6390585013_9c1c69ec41_b

the old Vti-s =) 6390589949_542013f2d1_b

the old Vti-s =) 6390596153_c959e618de_b

the old Vti-s =) 6390605157_2a1fc86063_b

the old Vti-s =) 6390705783_a1d7fed3bf_b

Oh and of course... the full feature can be found here Wink

250cc twin cylinder

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the old Vti-s =) Empty Re: the old Vti-s =)

Post by martyn on Tue Nov 29, 2011 4:20 am

Looks sexy mate good job getting in a mag

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